Bone graft

If the bone volume is not enough to place Straumann® implants, it can be necessary to gain more by transplanting your own and / or using artificial bone

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Sinus lift

Elevation of the maxillary sinus or sinus lift, is the surgical procedure that adds bone to the upper jaw in the area of molars and premolars to make it thicker.

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Vestibuloplasty is a surgical procedure of the space between the lips and the cheek on one side and the teeth and gums on the other (called the oral vestibule).

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Gingivectomy consists of the surgical removal of part of the gingiva. More precisely, that part of the gingival pocket commonly known as the soft wall is removed. It helps to promote the healing process of a possible inflammatory state, making room for the creation of a new portion of epithelial tissue that allows the gingiva to reattach on the tooth.

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We have the right solutions for your dental problems

Free first visit includes a specialist exam, 2D x-ray panoramic image of both jaws, consultation and a guaranteed* proposal (offer).


Curettage is a medical procedure to remove tissue by scraping or scooping. It basically involves using a surgical instrument called curette, hence called curettage.

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Tooth extraction

The need for tooth extraction comes when the tooth is attacked by deep caries that have destroyed most of the teeth, and it is no longer possible to “save” it. Among the patients, tooth extraction provokes most fear.

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The apical or dental granuloma is a bacterial infection localized in the upper or lower jaw. It affects the apical portion of a tooth root, which consists of granulation tissue surrounded by a fibrous capsule.

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Apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that is applied when it is not possible to treat tooth and surrounding tooth root that has an apical lesion and access to the root of the tooth root.

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Experiences and recommendations of our patients

After almost two years from the first meeting with Dr. Milana and all the collaborators, I can not help but compliment the kindness, willingness and willingness to satisfy and satisfy the patient. For the clinic the patient is in first place! Thank you!

Lucia Milleret

A week in Opatija to solve dental problems, thanks to dr. Sabljak who did a great job in just a few hours I can say they have solved the problems I had, thanks to her assistant, to warm welcome we had at the reception for information about the beautiful city and its surroundings, we ate very well in many places, and found a very friendly and kind people. Infinite thanks to all.

Peter and Elisabeth

The service was great. The kindness and helpfulness of the very good and professional staff. As for the cleanliness and hygiene of the structure I found it excellent. A special note for the doctor Uros, very patient, well explanations of the work done. Very good and professional.

Graziella Marsura