Veneers, crowns in ceramic zirconia, ceramic inlays

Veneers are commonly used for an esthetic correction of the shape and position of the anterior teeth. For the application of the veneers on the teeth it is very important to prepare the single tooth for the intervention. Therefore, they are a good choice to restore good-looking healthy teeth that have lost their natural color because of trauma, devitalization or medication intake.

After filing, the dental impression is made, on which studies and measurements will be carried out, to create a veneer of the right dimensions. Finally, using a Spectro Shade, the dentist identify the color best suited to the patient’s dentition, that is, the one that is closest to the color of the other teeth, to make the teeth homogeneous to each other. If the patient is satisfied with their appearance, cementation will be performed.

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Composite aesthetic fillings

The aesthetic fillings are invisible because they faithfully reproduce the color of natural teeth. Except that they give us the beauty of the natural smile, unlike those amalgam fillings (dark gray), they are completely hypoallergenic.

The amalgams (fillings) previously used to clog the tooth were mercury, copper, silver and zinc. Many scientific studies have shown that these fillings are harmful to health and it is important to replace them with those in composite. The procedure is the same as for caries removal: after the patient has received a local anesthetic that numbs the tooth and the surrounding tissue, the dentist removes the old amalgam filling and puts the composite aesthetic.

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We have the right solutions for your dental problems

Free first visit includes a specialist exam, 2D x-ray panoramic image of both jaws, consultation and a guaranteed* proposal (offer).

Teeth whitening

Loss of tooth whiteness is a natural process. The enamel of the teeth, which is the protective layer of the teeth, with time becomes thinner and in the first plane dates the color of the dentin (the base color of the tooth shade). Smoking and consumption of coffee, tea, red wine or other beverages and colored foods can cause teeth to darken. The whitening process can lighten the teeth to restore their natural white. Before teeth whitening, professional teeth cleaning is necessary. Afterwards, a peroxide-based gel is applied which, depending on the desired color, remains for 20-60 minutes. The result is not the same for everyone – the degree of whitening depends on the original condition of the teeth. This procedure can be repeated several times if necessary.

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Dental jewelry

The application of the dental jewel on the tooth is a purely cosmetic procedure that can be carried out in just 5-10 minutes. The surgery is not harmful at all, the jewel sticks to the tooth without damaging it, i.e. without having to file it. The jewels are applied on the dental surface thanks to special adhesives without the need to file the teeth. The dental jewels are positioned on the front teeth of the upper arch. If you do not like the jewel anymore, it can be removed at any time by our dentist, leaving no trace.

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Experiences and recommendations of our patients

After almost two years from the first meeting with Dr. Milana and all the collaborators, I can not help but compliment the kindness, willingness and willingness to satisfy and satisfy the patient. For the clinic the patient is in first place! Thank you!

Lucia Milleret

A week in Opatija to solve dental problems, thanks to dr. Sabljak who did a great job in just a few hours I can say they have solved the problems I had, thanks to her assistant, to warm welcome we had at the reception for information about the beautiful city and its surroundings, we ate very well in many places, and found a very friendly and kind people. Infinite thanks to all.

Peter and Elisabeth

The service was great. The kindness and helpfulness of the very good and professional staff. As for the cleanliness and hygiene of the structure I found it excellent. A special note for the doctor Uros, very patient, well explanations of the work done. Very good and professional.

Graziella Marsura