Straumann® guided instruments are intended for treatments planned preoperatively with 3D planning soft-ware. They are designed to prepare the implant bed for implants of the Straumann® Dental Implant System using surgical templates.

Planning software complementing the Straumann® guided instruments is called CoDiagnostiX™ by Dental Wings Inc. The open system approach also allows for the execution of template-based surgery preoperatively planned with other planning software systems.

Straumann® Guided Surgery

Computer Guided (Static) Surgery can be subdivided into six main steps. They are described in the following.

Step 1 – Treatment plan

Diagnosis and patient specific requests influence the treatment plan. The type of final restoration, patient’s request for a provisional, number of implants and imaging procedure need to be considered for the patient’s treatment plan for guided surgery. Note: For a template-based surgery, the patient’s mouth opening capability needs to be sufficient to accommodate the instruments for guided surgery.

Step 2 – Scan prosthesis fabrication

The scan prosthesis is a radiopaque duplicate of the current situation or the provisional teeth set-up. It supplies the clinician with additional information for implant planning. When the patient is scanned with the scan prosthesis, the desired tooth set-up is visible in the CT images. The scan prosthesis is also used to visualize the soft tissue situation in the planning software. Furthermore, reference marks (e.g. Gutta-percha) are incorporated in the scan prosthesis for the identification of its position in the planning software. The procedure for fabricating the scan prosthesis is dependent on applied software and chosen template fixation (bone, teeth or mucosa supported).

Step 3 – CT scanning

Regardless of imaging technology used, scanning with the correct parameters is the basis for accurate planning in the software and for correct implant placement. To get the optimal scan data, the radiologist and the patient need to be instructed correctly and scanning instructions/parameters must be followed according to the software supplier guidelines.

Step 4 – Software-based planning and fabrication of the surgical template (open system approach)

Software-based planning allows for implants to be planned virtually within the planning software. When completed successfully, the case plan is sent to the surgical template manufacturer. The software companies may act as the surgical template manufacturer or the dental laboratory may fabricate the surgical template depending on the software concept used.

In this step, the surgical template manufacturer ensures the compatibility with the Straumann® guided instruments by utilizing Straumann® sleeves for guided surgery positioned according to Straumann parameters.

Step 5 – Surgery with Straumann® guided instruments & guided implant insertion

After fixing the surgical template in the patient’s mouth, the implant bed for S, SP, BL, BLT and TE implant lines can be prepared with the guided instruments included in the Straumann® Guided Surgery Cassette and Straumann® Basic Guided Surgery Cassette. The surgical protocol, provided together with the surgical template, recommends which instruments are required to prepare each implant site. The Straumann® guided implants allow for insertion through the surgical template including a physical depth control.

Step 6 – Prosthetic procedures

For the prosthetic procedures, Straumann offers a wide range of solutions.Prosthetic procedures and prosthetic workflow are described in detail for the respective implants to be restored. More on Straumann® web site (link).

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