Complete implant package 1272 € (1987 €) CBCT, dental implant, abutment and crown!


Zubni implantati sa krunicom

Swap one or more teeth

Dentalni Implantat

Why destroy your teeth by grinding them away when you could own an implant that lasts for life

A good and long term solution is applying one implant without damaging the other teeth and establish aesthetics and function for your mouth

Ask about our implant package

Available at this price of € 1272 for the next 72 hours only.


With us, you don`t have to be afraid of losing your teeth, having an inability to chew, or feeling discomfort of revealing your pearly whites TO THE MAX !

A free of charge consultation

Contact us, choose when and where you would like your new tooth to be placed. Also choose the color and shape that suits you best.
If you need any type of advice about teeth or implants, contact us and we will help you !

Implantološki paket

What is a dental implant ?

Implant are the closest thing to real teeth.
They have a titanium root, and connector at the top
of the root called an abutment.
The implant has a visible white part
called the crown of the tooth

Zubni implantat

Does it hurt ?

Nowadays, implant placement is a fast, easy and painless maneuver thats only lasts about 10 minutes. After the maneuver is preformed, you will receive all that is necessary not to feel any pain after the surgery.

Operacija zubnog implantata
Recenzije za zubne implantate
Recenzije za zubne implantate
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