General conditions of the Polyclinic Smile determine the way of doing business, instructions, rights and obligations of patients and service providers (Polyclinic Smile), payment methods, discounts and other provisions in order to better inform patients.


Services of the Polyclinics Smile can be paid for in cash, banknotes in Croatian kuna or in foreign currency with prior exchange in exchange offices or banks.

In addition to cash, it is possible to pay in non-cash ways by credit or debit cards, bank transfers or through a loan that we offer in cooperation with Privredna Banka Zagreb.

The patient is obliged to pay the entire amount for the performed services immediately after the end of the therapy, at the reception.

Payment by card

  • Visa Premium
  • Diners
  • Maestro
  • Master card
  • VISA
  • VISA electron

Cash payment

  • In HRK

Payment in other currencies is not possible. They need to be changed at authorized exchange offices or banks.

Payment by bank transfer

The patient exceptionally, the invoice for the performed services can also be paid by bank transfer, within 3 days from the performed service and the issued invoice. Payment details are;

Recipient: Poliklinika Smile d.o.o.

Headquarter: M. Tita 129, HR-51410 Opatija

OIB: 47399464072

IBAN: HR0223400091110827509


Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb d.d.

Headquarter: Radnička cesta 50, HR-10000 Zagreb


Each patient is obliged ,for the reservation of the desired surgical procedure, to make a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 20% of the total amount of the offer no later than 7 days before the agreed date of the operative procedure. Payment can be made by bank transfer to IBAN of Polyclinic Smile, HR02 2340 0091 1108 2750 9, SWIFT PBZGHR2X, Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., reference number 00, or in person, by coming to the Polyclinic Smile. The remaining part of the offer amount of the contracted procedure must be paid no later than 48 hours before the agreed term of the procedure, if the patient wants to get a discount for advance payment.

Surgical procedures include all implant and surgical procedures under local or general anesthesia.

If the patient is not able to come to the agreed date of the scheduled operative procedure due to justified reasons, and he informed the Polyclinic Smile in time no later than 48 hours before the scheduled operation, the patient can use the amount of the paid deposit for the same operation within six months from the date of cancellation. It can be exchanged for other services of the Polyclinic Smile. If the patient cancels the scheduled operation and does not inform the Polyclinic Smile, or inform the Polyclinic Smile less than 48 hours before the agreed date, the paid deposit in the amount of 20% of the total amount is not returned to the patient and he is not given the opportunity to schedule a new appointment. for the service he gave up, as well as the possibility of exchange for other services of the Polyclinic Smile.


The patient is obliged to use the amount of prepaid services of the Polyclinic Smile within one (1) year from the day of issuing the offer. If the patient does not use all the services from the prepaid package within the specified period, he is not entitled to a refund for the services he did not use. If the patient, due to justified reasons, is not able to use all services from the paid package, Polyclinic Smile gives the patient the opportunity within 1 year from the date of issuing the invoice to use other services provided by the department for which the treatment package / services was paid or transfer unused services for use by a third party. The third party has the right to use the treatment in the remaining amount that was not used personally by the patient who paid for the treatment / service package within the department where the package was paid and within the remaining period of one year, with written permission of the patient in advance.

If the patient does not want to use the paid package for any of the above possibilities, the patient is not entitled to a refund for unused treatments / services and they are considered used in full. If the patient does not cancel the prepaid treatment / service within 48 hours before the agreed date, it is considered that the agreed treatment / service has been duly performed.

It is especially important to note that the price of treatments / services that are an integral part of the package is determined in a preferential amount compared to the price that these treatments / services have outside the package and the price is calculated at the unit price indicated in the valid price list of the Polyclinic Smile in the month of package purchase. Polyclinic Smile guarantees the quality of each treatment and service provided, however, due to the uniqueness of the human body and individualized reactions of each organism, there is a possibility that the desired results may not be achieved or to a lesser extent, especially if the patient does not follow all steps that are necessary to achieve the goal of the treatment and / or services performed with which he was familiar in advance. In this case, the patient is not entitled to a refund of the money paid for treatments and / or services.

We note that the funds from the paid advances were immediately and promptly engaged for the purpose of procuring the necessary materials necessary for the performance of the agreed procedures of each individual patient who paid the advance.
The payment made in advance will fully cover all further agreed works and procedures for which it was paid, and that, in agreement with each individual payer, it can be used, with the payer’s written consent, exclusively for procedures on other patients or family members of the patient that paid the advance if the purchased material is compatible with those works and procedures that need to be performed on another patient to whom the right to use the advance is transferred.

Patients who have paid an advance are also informed that it will not be possible to meet the requirements for the refund of the advance, since the works and procedures contracted and paid for will be performed immediately after the health conditions are met provided that, as already mentioned, the payment was immediately used to cover the procurement of material costs for each individual payer.


Each Straumann implant carries a material guarantee proving the absence of any material impurities, and the guarantee and the originality of the implant are proven with the help of a Straumann passport with a unique serial number for each implant installed. Polyclinic Smile replaces the non-integrated implant at the expense of Polyclinic Smile exclusively to the patient whose implant was installed in Polyclinic Smile, provided that he followed all instructions of the Smile Polyclinic oral surgeon and came for regular post-operative check-ups.

Straumann has a lifetime warranty on the implant, and a 10-year warranty on prosthetic components (abutment and screw).


If the dental implant falls out, it is necessary to replace the prosthetic work. Taking into account the reasons for implant dropout will depend on who bears the cost of prosthetics. If the implant falls out within 90 days from the day of the prosthetic treatment, the cost of the new work is borne by the Polyclinic Smile.

If the implant falls out due to failure due to poor hygiene, non-attendance at controls and similar non-compliance with the instructions of Polyclinic Smile specialist and reasons that could not be influenced by Polyclinic Smile, the cost of new work is borne by the patient.


If the loss of prosthetic work occurred immediately after prosthetic treatment, the cost of new work is borne by the Polyclinic Smile.

If the implant falls out due to failure due to poor hygiene, non-attendance at controls and similar non-compliance with the instructions of Polyclinic Smile specialist and reasons that could not be influenced by Polyclinic Smile, the cost of new work is borne by the patient.


All metal ceramic crowns, without metal crowns, veneers, wironit dentures have a 2-year warranty in the event of decementation and prolapse and therefore rupture of the crown. Acrylic dentures also have a 2-year warranty if they are permanent dentures. Retention elements such as retention clasps, ie anchors on dentures, have a 2-year warranty. The warranty does not apply to temporary crowns, bridges and mobile dentures as temporary solutions.


All composite fillings have a 1-year warranty, while ceramic fillings (inlay, onlay, overlay) have a 2-year warranty.

There is no guarantee for root canal filling and revision of root canal filling due to high risk due to individual variations in root canal morphology.


  • the patient does not follow the instructions of the service provider on maintaining oral hygiene,
  • the patient does not maintain hygiene with appropriate products as recommended by the service provider,
  • the patient incorrectly uses and does not maintain mobile prosthetic replacements,
  • the patient does not come for regular check-ups at least once in 3 or 6 months, depending on the assessment and instructions of the service provider,
  • the patient does not accept the therapy that needs to be carried out in the event that the control determines the possibility of developing diseases that would compromise work,
  • after the completion of the provided health service the patient is diagnosed with a disease of the teeth or surrounding tissue due to which it is necessary to carry out treatment that completely removes or partially damages the work (eg periodontal disease, pulpitis, cyst, periapical process), which is not visible during therapy,
  • there is a general disease that affects the patient’s digestive system (eg diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, chemotherapy, radiation in cancer patients),
  • if the patient significantly loses or gains weight in a short period of time,
  • damage occurs during incidents or emergency interventions (eg fall, blow, fight, collision),
  • damage occurs due to poor eating and other habits,
  • If damage occurs due to circumstances beyond the control of the Smile Polyclinic


Polyclinic Smile occasionally, in order to promote new products and (or) services, offers special discounts Discounts are limited in time with the specified start date and end date of the promotion. In addition to the time limit, discounts have a clearly indicated percentage of the discount with the announcement of the special (reduced) price and the regular price. Discounts cannot be added up and are not valid during the promotion for already discounted products or services. Each action clearly states the conditions for exercising the right to a discount as well as the methods of payment to which it applies.

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