World leading imaging software, Planmeca Romexis®, is used at Smile dental polyclinic.

Our uncompromised quality driven by desire and passion to be the best implantology center set up the standards in every aspect and procedure we are using to diagnose and propose the best possible long-term solution to our patients.

Reinventing 3D imaging

With a complete set of tools for image viewing, enhancement, measurement, drawing and annotations, Planmeca Romexis® improves the diagnostic value of radiographs. Versatile printing and image import and export functionalities are also included. The software consists of different modules – so you can choose those most suited to your needs.

Superimpose CBCT

The Superimpose module allows the superimposition of two CBCT images. It is a valuable tool for before-and-after comparisons and can be used for orthognathic surgery follow-ups, as well as orthodontic treatments, for example. The module also allows users to compare CBCT and MRI images side by side – providing a comprehensive view of a patient’s anatomy.

Intelligent tooth segmentation

From a single tooth the whole dentition within minutes
  • Visualisation of the crown and root as one single object that can be moved inside the CBCT volume for simulation of orthodontic tooth movement
  • More accurate implant planning by improved visualisation of neighbouring crowns and roots
  • Visually outstanding case presentations with beautiful 3D objects
  • Exportation of teeth in STL format for 3D printing

Convenient 3D diagnosis

The Planmeca Romexis 3D rendering view gives an immediate overview of the anatomy and serves as an excellent patient education tool. The images can be instantly viewed from different projections or converted into panoramic images and cross-sectional slices. Measuring and annotation tools – such as nerve canal tracing – assist in safe and accurate treatment planning. Find out more, subscribe to Smile YouTube channel Watch the video

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