Augmentation - bone upgrade

Regeneracija kosti oko implantata


We know how to fix your oral bones!

If the jaw bone is not sufficient for implant placement, augmentation or bone upgrade (so-called bone regeneration) is necessary. It is about upgrading and creating a bone by transplanting your own and/or using artificial bone.

If the jaw bone is not sufficient for implant placement, augmentation or bone upgrade (so-called bone regeneration) is necessary. It is about upgrading and creating a bone by transplanting your own and/or using artificial bone.


Augmentacija - nadogradnja kosti - regeneracija kosti

Bone deficiency in implantations

Atrophy of the oral ridge

Augmentacija - nadogradnja kosti - regeneracija kosti

Bone regeneration around implants

Covering and setting the membrane

Augmentacija - nadogradnja kosti - regeneracija kosti

Active Straumann ® implants

They sprinkle the growth of a new bone

Augmentation or bone upgrade in the jaw

If the bone is not sufficient for the installation of Straumann ®implants, it is necessary to approach the augmentation. Bone regeneration involves upgrading and creating a jaw bone by transplanting one’s own and/or using artificial bone.

With the loss of teeth, regardless of whether it is a loss due to trauma caused by an accident or degeneration of the teeth that we eventually have to pull out, there is a withdrawal, that is, the loss of the jaw bone at the site of the tooth that we have lost.

With the passage of time, this withdrawal causes a noticeable bone deficiency in this position and it is necessary if we want to replace that tooth with a dental implant, increase the thickness and volume of the bone in this position.

The bone upgrade procedure is called augmentation. We can replace the bone with artificial bio materials or by transplanting a block from the bone mass of the patient himself.

In the Smile dental clinic we use bio materials that, with the additional therapy, very quickly eliminate the problem of bone deficiency. The stem cells that we get by centrifuging a small amount of the patient’s blood and injecting into the position of the bone that we want to upgrade, give excellent results. After the procedure, in 4 to 6 months we have enough bone tissue to apply dental implants.

Send us a panoramic shot of the jaw. From it we will immediately see if the bone deficiency is so great that it is impossible to access the surgical procedure of implantation of a dental implant.

We can send you an indicative offer immediately and after the 3D (CBCT) recording our offer is unchangeable, that is, we make you a guaranteed offer whereby it can only be less than offered, by no means higher. If the doctor did not notice the shortcomings during the diagnostic examination and 3D scans and did not include them with the guaranteed offer, you do not pay the difference, but the binding amount of the offer that is accepted and signed by the patient.


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Free first visit includes a specialist exam, 2D x-ray panoramic image of both jaws, consultation and a price guaranteed offer.

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Bone upgrade process


The most common consequence of long-term tooth deficiency is also the most common obstacle to successful placement of implants, which is – bone deficiency. The rate of bone decay in a place where there are no teeth is individual and depends on a number of factors such as diet or genetic predisposition. And when the bone is not sufficient for implant placement, it is necessary to approach the process of upgrading it (bone augmentation or bone regeneration.

Bone augmentation is a routine surgical procedure that achieves the required width and/or height of the jaw bone by transplanting its own and/or using artificial bone. It is possible to do the procedure in both jaws, if there is a minimum basis of the patient’s bone for this. Depending on the size of the defect, the upgrade process can be performed simultaneously with the implant procedure. In more severe cases, it is necessary to perform an upgrade first, and to install the implants only after the time necessary for bone healing.

Regeneracija kosti oko implantata
Bone Management Center

Bone Management Competence Center

Specialized bone repair clinic

Bone regeneration at Smile clinic


The Smile clinic is a certified Bone Management Center. This means not only that we know how to work with human bone, but that we provide the maximum in solving bone problems. We know how to deal with a wide variety of situations and challenging cases. We are able to successfully transplant bone blocks from one part of the jaw to another and, using certain systems, make a bone for the patient who does not have it.

The price of bone augmentation or the regeneration process is 1,830 kn per position. Whether you need it or not, for major defects, the implantologist can estimate already based on panoramic X-ray and the first examination. And you will receive final confirmation after a 3D scan of the condition of your jaw

Sinus lift

Lifting the bottom of the sinus is a surgical procedure that replaces the missing bone in the posterior area of the upper jaw, which often occurs due to a long-term lack of teeth.

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Straumann ® dental implants

Straumann® dental implants are not only the best replacement for a lost tooth, they are a lifelong investment in your smile. They are top quality and you get a lifetime guarantee on them. 

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All on 4 Pro Arch treatment

Straumann® Pro Arch is a set of implant treatments All on 4, All on 6 and All on 8 for current temporary solutions in toothless patients with limited available bone volume.

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Računalno navođena implantologija

Computer-guided implantology

Minimally invasive method for maximum precise placement Straumann® implants.

The CGI method shortens the time and number of visits, there is no suturing of wounds because drilling is done through the gingiva at a predefined angle and depth, the implantation site heals quickly.

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How to choose the best implant clinic?

Thinking about getting dental implants? Choosing the right implant clinic is not easy. You should be sure to leave your oral health in professional and reliable hands.

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Smile clinic – our story


We can argue that we are among the best clinics specializing in implantology, oral surgery and treatment of peri-implantitis, thanks to strict compliance with the highest standards and regulations. 

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Your first visit

We nurture and encourage a very close and open relationship with patients. We are absolutely convinced that the relationship with patients, their health and satisfaction are by far the most important aspects. Therefore, you will always be in friendly, reliable and safe hands with us.

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Sterilization and disinfection

Our clinic has always implemented the highest measures when it comes to disinfection and sterilization. In this challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have introduced a number of additional measures. The safety, health and satisfaction of our patients is always at our first place.

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Experiences and recommendations of our patients

After almost two years from the first meeting with Dr. Milana and all the collaborators, I can not help but compliment the kindness, willingness and willingness to satisfy and satisfy the patient. For the clinic the patient is in first place! Thank you!

Lucia Milleret

A week in Opatija to solve dental problems, thanks to dr. Sabljak who did a great job in just a few hours I can say they have solved the problems I had, thanks to her assistant, to warm welcome we had at the reception for information about the beautiful city and its surroundings, we ate very well in many places, and found a very friendly and kind people. Infinite thanks to all.

Peter and Elisabeth

The service was great. The kindness and helpfulness of the very good and professional staff. As for the cleanliness and hygiene of the structure I found it excellent. A special note for the doctor Uros, very patient, well explanations of the work done. Very good and professional.

Graziella Marsura