Are you missing teeth and looking for a quality, complete and permanent solution without the discomfort and problems created by dentures? We have a great solution for you with Straumann ® Pro Arch treatments All on four, All on six and All on eight. These are top implant treatments for current solutions for edentulous jaws in patients with limited available bone volume.

This revolutionary method in the field of implantology allows toothless patients or patients with dentures to have new teeth in just 24 hours. The entire set of teeth is placed on only 4, 6 or 8 implants. Due to the special method of implant placement, bone augmentation or sinus lift procedures, which are usually performed when implants are installed by traditional methods, are not required here.

The ALL ON FOUR method involves the production of a dental prosthesis for the edentulous upper and lower jaw, which is attached to 4 dental implants that are connected by a ceramic bridge. ALL ON SIX method instead of attaching to 4 implants as in the previous case, the fixed prosthetic work is installed on 6 implants. This method is ideal for all those with toothless jaws. If the patient does not have enough bone for ALL ON SIX then the ALL ON FOUR method is approached.

Straumann Pro Arch ALL ON FOUR or ALL ON SIX is the ideal solution for patients who cannot tolerate traditional dental implant treatments due to a lack of jaw bone. The Pro Arch method implants are placed in strategic positions in the front of the jaw. There is a natural amount of bone that is sufficient to support the implant. Implants are placed at a certain angle to include as many jaw bones as possible.

All on four


Advantages of the Straumann Pro Arch method

  • Shorter recovery time
  • Use of top quality Straumannimplants
  • Procedures for bone augmentation or sinus floor lifting are not required
  • Patients can safely eat all foods
  • Long-term, stable, and secure solution
  • Simple and easy maintenance of oral hygiene
  • Natural tooth appearance


Procedure of ALL ON FOUR method

At the Smile clinic, we work with the most modern techniques, no implant is done without CBCT. We are completely digitized, we have our own Straumann ® certified laboratory, which means that you get the best materials in the world, all through the hands of some of the best surgeons and doctors in this field.

Based on the first clinical examination, orthopan and CBCT 3D images, we will determine the condition of the bone and see if you are an ideal candidate for the ALL ON 4 method and based on it suggest the best implant-prosthetic rehabilitation solution for your case. The procedure and process itself depend on the condition in which the patient came; whether it is necessary to treat or remove damaged teeth and everything is performed under local anesthesia, so the procedure is painless.

2 implants are placed vertically in the edentulous jaw, in the position of lateral incisors, while the posterior implants are placed at a certain angle. After the installation, we start making temporary work that the patient wears for a minimum of 3 months. After a temporary period, we check the condition of the implant.

If the situation is satisfactory, we take an imprint for the production of a prototype of the definitive work and for the definitive work, the production of which can take up to two weeks. But you don’t have to worry about anything because during that time you still have temporary work.

All on 4 - All on 6 - Straumann Pro Arch - All on four


You are an ideal candidate for the ALL ON FOUR method

  • If you struggle for years with a denture that blisters or falls out
  • You have lost most of your teeth over the years
  • People with severe bone loss
  • People who do not have enough bone for ALL ON SIX
  • People with a poor condition in the oral cavity and teeth ready for extraction

It took us many years, education, self-denial, improvement, us as a surgeon, but also the whole system we work with to be able to provide you with this perfect product. It was necessary to build a perfect team of people who will be in step with the latest technologies, as well as the most modern digital laboratory and become one of only 12 best reference centers in the world for the best implant manufacturer: “PROARCH CENTER OF EXCELLENCE”.

Take a look at our special offers of Pro ArchALL ON FOUR and ALL ON SIX services that we have prepared for you and leave us the care of your oral health today because we know how!



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